A Champion for Working Idahoans

As a father and grandfather, he also pledges to fight for the thousands of working Idahoans who lack access to basic health care. A.J. knows that healthy, skilled families are necessary to grow Idaho’s economy, keep our children from leaving the state for better opportunities, and preserving a quality of life that is unlike any other in America.

As a lifetime sportsman I know how important Idaho’s millions of acres of public lands and waters are for recreation like hiking, camping, and fishing. I pledge to lead the fight against any efforts to sell off our public lands to special interests and out-of- state billionaires who would lock us out of our most pristine areas.


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            [message] => The results are in, and I wish my sincere congratulations to Paulette Jordan on her victory last night. 

These last few months have been an incredible experience, and I can’t thank you enough for your support of this campaign.  While the election didn’t turn out the way we wanted, I’m proud of the work we did, the race we ran, and the issues we’ve stood for.  

So now let’s begin to come together.  Let’s work hard and spread our message of proper education funding, access to healthcare, and protecting our public lands.

Thank you, from the bottom of my heart, for all your hard work.

With Gratitude, 

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Doing what's right for Idaho families
Family is the bedrock of my life. My wife, my kids and grandkids, our community, and Idaho values. Let's work together to make Idaho the best state in the union, a place that works for all of us.
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