BOISE — The three most recent Democratic US Congressmen from Idaho, Walt Minnick, Larry LaRocco and Richard Stallings, have joined together to endorse AJ Balukoff to be Idaho’s Democratic nominee for governor.

Minnick, who served in Congress from 2008 to 2010 representing Idaho’s 1st Congressional District lent his endorsement because of AJ’s continued public service and belief in education.

“AJ has been an honest and dedicated public servant over the last 21-years on the Boise School Board helping lead Boise Schools to be some of the best in the nation,” Walt Minnick, the former Congressman said. “There’s is only one candidate on both sides of this race that has ample experience surrounding public education and that is AJ Balukoff. I’m proud to lend him my endorsement and give him my full-fledged support in this primary and in November.”

LaRocco served in Congress from 1991-1995 also representing Idaho’s 1st Congressional District and chose to endorse AJ because of his drive to return leadership to the governor’s office.

“AJ Balukoff is a gifted leader who will restore civility to Idaho’s politics at a critical time in our state’s history,” LaRocco said. “We need a governor who knows what it means to be a public servant and with his story of service to this state and his community, AJ Balukoff has earned my support today and always.”

Stallings who represented Idaho’s 2nd Congressional District from 1985-1993 offered his support because of AJ’s passion for Idaho.

“AJ Balukoff is a man of integrity. He is not in the race for Governor for the title, he is in the race because he believes in this state and its people,” the former four-term Congressman Richard Stallings said. “I wholeheartedly endorse AJ because this state deserves a leader with his passion, experience, and determination to make Idaho the best it can be.”

The three former Congressmen join a growing list of former and current elected officials and party leaders to endorse Balukoff. The list includes, Reps. Sue Chew, John McCrostie, Elaine Smith and Phylis King. Sens. Janie Ward-Engelking and Maryanne Jordan, Boise City Councilwoman Holli Woodings, former legislators Mary Lou Reed, James Ruchti, Ron Beitelspacher, John Rusche, Donna Pence, Mike Blackbird and Gail Bray, former US Attorney for Idaho, Betty Richardson, former Idaho Democratic Party Chair Larry Kenck and former Idaho Democratic Party Vice-Chair Jeanne Buell.